Raising money for Juanito to build a house

Everyone knows Juanito… Breakfast master chef, fixer-of-all and general all-round wonderful human being that he is “happy happy happy”. Perhaps what you might not know is that Juanito has worked at Casa del Sol for 18 years – since the very beginning. Juanito basically is Casa del Sol… And this place wouldn’t be the same without him.

Juanito has recently told us that he’s purchased some land in Manglaralto in the hope of building his own house. He currently has a “2 year plan” in which he hopes to save up enough money to start building… At the moment he lives in the family house in town, but without his own room or place to store things he spends most his nights sleeping in a hammock – always, of course, managing to turn up to work with a smile on his face, blaring “musica romantica” on the kitchen stereo at 6am.

With your help, we’re hoping to bring this 2 year plan forward a little… We’ve started this page in the hope that friends and family of Casa del Sol might be able to put down a small donation towards helping Juanito achieve his dream of having his own place – something which he so deserves.

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