Want to surf in Montanita?

Where do we begin!? Wake up, grab a cup of coffee and head to La Punta to check out waves. What kind of surf does Mother Nature bring us today?

Unquestionably, Ecuador’s most consistent and best surf break is right on our front doorstep, catering to all levels of ability. This point break catches all northern swells, providing waves anywhere from 1m to 3m high, depending, of course, on tides and seasons.

In addition, the beach break works independently of the point, meaning year-round surf and the perfect place to begin your journey of surfing.

Take a lesson with our surf instructor, and watch your skills develop. Notably, their smiles are as big as yours as you catch your first wave, and they are there to share a beer with you that evening to celebrate.

Didn’t bring your own board? No worries! We have a wide range of boards available for rent, and our staff will often join you for a session offering tips and advice on how the wave here in Montanita works.

Make surfing at Casa del Sol part of your daily routine, just like the rest of us!

How much does all this fun cost?

Rates: Class times will depend on the tide and the quality of the waves. Our instructor speaks English, Spanish and French, is a certified lifeguard, and has many years of experience surfing the ocean in Montanita. All ages and experiences are welcome. Every student will need to sign a waiver before getting into the water.

  • 1 class – USD 35 (2 hours in length, includes board and rash guard)
  • 2-hour rental: USD 10,  extra hour USD 5

Ready to Surf?

We can help with lessons & boards.

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