Musings about slowing things down….

How can one judge the pace in which they live life back at home? Easy. Walk down the beach with a local or long term traveler and you’ll find out.

“What’s the rush?” They enquired.

“What do you mean? There’s no rush”

“So why are you going so fast?”

And with this conversation I realized I had a lot to learn about this new chapter in my life. It’s not even that I was walking particularly fast, but it was nonetheless an outrageous pace to be setting here on the beach in Montanita. I’d need to slow down.

When I first arrived, I’d make the walk to town every day and quite often more than once in a day – after all what kind of hardship is a ten minute walk down the beach? A couple of months later and I’d be looking for one of our bicycles. Why walk ten minutes when you can cycle down the road in three?

Months after that and I had bought a motorbike for this daily chore. One minute on a moto or three on a bicycle? What are you nuts? That’s a rhetorical question surely! Let me grab my helmet.

Then one day, a friend new to the beach asked me to walk with her to town along the beach.

“Let’s take my moto” I said.

“No the beach is beautiful, let’s walk” she replied.

And as we were walking down the beach, she had one question only for me:

“Why are you walking so damn slowly?”

“Because” I said “I live in Montanita.”