Thoughts on Yoga Teacher Training from a non student, June 2016

Mantra (noun) :

Origin – late 18th century: Sanskrit, literally ‘a thought, thought behind speech or action’.

Therefore whilst we hosted a month long Yoga Teacher Training, as a non-yogi, I found myself wondering many things but one question wouldn’t go away.

‘What exactly is a mantra?’

The word was discussed a lot, and everyone came equipped with their own versions of the meaning and in particular how it related to them.

Except me. This was great. I could learn with the benefit of no pre-formed opinions or bias. Could I listen without judging? Maybe. Would I come to understand a meaning of the word ‘mantra’ relevant to me?

Possibly. Surely I could somehow express myself in a way which would use the fail safe common denominator – humor!

Well, the audience made it easy for me. A group of amazing humans from all over this planet, from all walks of life and most of them too polite not to laugh at my jokes.

So, if a mantra can be described as a word or phrase that is repeated often that expresses someone’s basic beliefs then surely it is open to interpretation at the most basic level. Now, that’s also great because that’s the level I operate best at. I have been moderately successful at it my entire life.

I thought that after some intense yoga practice perhaps a joke or two might be acceptable, but of course a yoga related one might almost be welcomed.

Elbert Hubbard once wrote ‘Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive.’

Mike’s Mantra’s were born of this. Enjoy.

Mike Davis – Director or Awesomeness Casa del Solyogamontanita_mikesmantras_chaturanga yogamontanita_mikesmantras1_vrksasana yogamontanita_mikesmantras2_balasana yogamontanita_mikesmantras3_cobra yogamontanita_mikesmantras5_utrasana yogamontanita_mikesmantras6_savasana yogamontanita_mikesmantras7_bhekasana yogamontanita_mikesmantras8_adhomukasvanasana yogamontanita_mikesmantras9_natarajasana yogamontanita_mikesmantras10_astavakrasana